How My Bike Gave Me Freedom [Part I of II]

Hello lovely friends. I hope this weekend is treating you well!

So I did not move blogs. I switched gears a little bit but you can still find my blog here.

I’m totally good with it. I love this community. 🙂

Today I want to talk a little bit about freedom with chronic illness, and lack thereof.

Chronic illness has stripped A LOT away from me, and unfortunately, I am in good company. Upon getting diagnosed with a chronic illness and even before the diagnosis, there is a feeling of sadness, defeat, and anxiety. In some cases, one becomes confined to the four walls of one’s living room or bedroom, occasionally making it outside on a nice day to sit in the sun (if illness permitting). Then there are individuals who are confined to their beds and unable to move from the mattress supporting them. To some people, this may sound nice.

You get to lie in bed all day, what’s so bad about that?

I was never fully bed bound, but in the early stages I spent a significant amount of time in my bed and on the couch. I can tell you firsthand that it is not a party, because it is no way to live. Why would anyone want to spend their time laying in bed when there is so much of the world to see and experience? It’s not freedom. It’s not joy. It’s confinement. Bed does not become a place of comfort and relaxation. It almost starts to feel like a prison.

So what do you do when you cannot exercise? When you cannot walk too far? When you cannot stand for more than a five minutes at a time? Because let me tell you, staring at those same four walls can make anyone go stir crazy – even when you are sick and do not feel well.

You adapt.

For some people that means getting a wheelchair, walker, or scooter. My walker was a blessing in disguise. It let me do so much more than what I thought I was able. I grew a little stronger as the years went by (thanks to different treatments, medications, physical therapy, and of course proper diagnoses). I am still not 100%. Heck, some days I function and run on a battery of a measly 10% charged. I manage. But there is still so much I cannot do.

Then, I met Pip.


Yes – Pip is a bike. But not just an ordinary bike. Pip is an electric bike with 4 levels of pedal assist ranging from mild to strong.

So I know what you are thinking.

Why did you name your bike?

Here’s the simple answer: just like people name their boats, cars sometimes, and other inanimate objects that are important to them, this bike is no different. She’s special. She needs a name, and naming her just felt right.

I’m not crazy if that’s what your thinking.

I’m joyful. I’m thankful. I’m free.

This concludes part I of II of this blog post. Stay tuned for the detailed story behind Pip, why I gave this bike a name, and the freedom I felt yesterday on my first real adventure.


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