Quote of The Month – January

Hello loves. I hope you all had a good and relaxing weekend. I am enjoying my Sunday by laying low; writing, snuggling in my heated blanket (it has been SO.COLD.), reading my book, and catching up on some Netflix. So – I’m doing something new this year and spicing up each month by writing a quote to live by in my planner for each month of the year. I thought, what a perfect idea to share on my blog, and I am kind of in love with the quote that I chose for January! I was just excited to share this project here and give you all a little something to look forward to at the start of each month. So, here goes…

January’s Quote of The Month:

“Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit.”

Simple: short, sweet, and to the point, yet holds so much meaning and significance. I was never one for self-care. In fact, whenever therapists or other people would bring up self-care in therapy sessions or treatment centers, I would do the eye roll. Because, well, I just thought self-care was downright stupid, waste of time. Why would I want to waste my time taking a bubble bath? Why would I want to put on scented lotion…on a body that I already despise. Why on earth would I want to do something nice for myself…which is, I think, what all of this boiled down to. Well, after years of being in and out of treatment for an eating disorder, years of suffering, heartache, loss, and unbearable anxiety, I have come on the journey of accepting self-care, and making it something to practice. Self-care does not come easy for me, even to this day. But it’s something that I at least try to incorporate into my life now. Because I finally realize, self-care is NOT stupid. Not by any means. It is a necessity for life. Not only that, but a necessity for my future profession. We cannot be of help to others if we do not take time to care for ourselves.

I chose this quote for January, because I really want to improve in this area of my life this month, and heck, this year. This quote encompasses my main, overarching goal for all my New Years resolutions in one small line. This year, for January, especially while I have a little more time on my hands, I want to really work on personal growth and nurturing; tending to all aspects of myself, including my mind, body and spirit. Self-care truly is a beautiful thing, and the time we spend taking care of our souls is sacred time. I say this because when we take time to care for ourselves, we are growing as people, and growing with God. We are making self-discoveries, and improving upon ourselves. We self-reflect. And all of this is not only good for us (and the people around us, lol) but it is good for our relationship with God. And maybe, you don’t believe in God, maybe you are not sure what you believe, or maybe you just believe in some higher power, something bigger, greater than us. But regardless of your spiritual/religious beliefs, I think we can all be in agreement that self-care is a good thing, even necessary so that we can continue to grow and evolve into better versions of ourselves. And we can only do this by taking time with ourselves, and by taking care of ourselves. In January, I want to be especially mindful of how I can take care of my body, my mind, and my spirit. I want to eat good foods – those rich in nutrients. Foods that give me the energy that I desperately need. I want to do my PT exercises any chance I get. I want to grow stronger. I want to take care of my mind. I want to give myself grace, calm my nerves and anxious soul, and try to live in the moment. I want to grow stronger in my faith, grow in my relationship with God. All of my new years goals I set lead to this overarching resolution of self-care, and I don’t want to forget that this month.

If you were to choose a quote to live by this month, what quote would you choose?



She Holds The Key

This girl, so quiet

Speaks few words and sits in silence

Yet in her mind, it is loud and clear

Screaming, yet hard to hear

If only she could hush the thoughts

All of the battles she’s ever fought

Some were lost and some were won

She feels as if she could just run

Who is it that holds the key?

Someone who could make her see

She is not small, but standing tall

Not incapable, and will not fall

Like she has in the past

She is blooming, these difficulties will not last

Who is it that holds the key?

To freedom, life, longevity?

It is no one but she.


New Year, Better Me

Hello everyone! I have returned to WordPress. I previously had a blog on here that I was so dedicated to. Then I switched my blog around leaving WordPress, and wrote just every so often. I missed WordPress, I missed blogging, and I missed this community. So one of my New Years resolutions, or, goals, was to get back on the blogging bandwagon – and that’s what I am doing. When I couldn’t sleep at 3 am, I decided to put this site together, and I am excited for what is to come.

New Years…I’m pretty sure that I wrote a post a year ago on why I DON’T like New Years resolutions. Well, I think I am changing my tune, because this year, I’ve made quite a few! I think it depends on how you look at your resolutions, and what the purpose is. AND – that is the beautiful thing about us humans – we are constantly changing, growing, and evolving into better and different versions of ourselves. It is totally okay for me to dislike New Years goals (resolutions) one year, and warm up to them the next and actually get excited for having goals that I can accomplish in the next 365 days. Notice my title: New Year, Better Me. Not New Year, New Me. Because, it isn’t a new me. I am not changing who I am as a person. Rather, I am working to better myself as a person. That’s the key. Our goal shouldn’t be to change who we are, the essence of our beings. The goal is to improve upon ourselves and keep building that solid foundation that makes us the wonderful individuals that we are. There was a time where my New Years goals were very surface level goals. I wouldn’t say superficial, because that undermines everything that I have been through. But my goals were never made in the image and likeness of improving myself as an actual person. Now, I have come to realize that with the right intentions in mind, New Years resolutions can actually be quite powerful. Not to say that those who make their resolutions to eat healthy and lose weight do not have ‘good enough’ resolutions. That is not what I’m getting at here. Because those ARE good resolutions, if done for the right reasons. For example, someone with an eating disorder should probably not make their New Years resolution be ‘to lose weight. ‘Just saying. But for some, eating right and losing weight is a perfectly healthy and good resolution to make! Get my point? I hope so because that was a long ramble about resolutions without actually stating any of my own resolutions! So – I will spare you and cut to the chase. Goals and/or resolutions give us incentive. They give us motivation to achieve and conquer what we set out to accomplish. They give us hope and help us to reach our full potential. So this year, I put some thought into my resolutions, and I wanted to share them with all of you.

New Years Resolutions 2018

  1. Follow the Paleo/Ketogenic Diet to better manage my chronic illness symptoms. Stick with it. Every day. Make the right choices.
  2. Going off of that, learn to cook more for myself. I was never really one to cook and bake, but now that I am on a special diet to manage my chronic illnesses, it’s about time I learned how to do this for myself. Cooking and baking is something I actually do enjoy, so making time for it and making it a priority will be the challenge that I am willing and ready to take on.
  3. Take my supplements – 4x a day like I should.
  4. Do my PT exercises at least twice every day, especially on non busy days – no excuses. They will only help me to get stronger.
  5. Read a new book each break I have from school. So, I am to finish Turtles All The Way Down before returning to school at the end of January.
  6. Ski on my trip to the mountains for at least half a day. Doing my PT exercises in the meantime will help me to build up the strength to do this.
  7. Write. Journal. Blog. Use my writing as a creative outlet. Continue to write for The Mighty and blog once a week.
  8. Keep in contact with friends. During the semester, I tend to lose contact with people, immersing myself in my studies and work. It is important that I keep friend time a part of my routine. It doesn’t have to be weekly, but I do have to make time for friends, especially with social anxiety.
  9. Read my daily devotion each morning to set me on track for the day and remind me of what really matters.
  10. Fill my jar of good things with good times throughout 2018. I may write a post later on this little craft that is such a cool and different way to practice gratitude and positivity.

So that’s that! I look forward to connecting with all of you, reading your blogs, and writing content for others as well as myself – cause that’s important too! Happy New Year!

Tell Me: Do you like to make New Years Goals/Resolutions? What are some of yours for 2018?